Double hung windows in Canberra

With a distinctive vertical sliding action, double hung windows are a stylish option for any property. Whether a contemporary or classic look, double hung doors allow for plenty of natural light to pour in, and can provide natural temperature control, noise reduction and energy efficiency. At Canberra Aluminium Windows & Doors, we specialise in custom-made double hung windows to order, and can install them in your property at a competitive price. Just call our expert team today to find out more or receive a free quote.

Pearl single glazed vertical window

Effortless to glide open and closed in one simple motion, the two panes of glass slide past each other simultaneously in an artful act of brilliance providing an uninterrupted view. The vertically operating Pearl single glazed window employs nature’s fan to maximum effect, allowing cool air to naturally enter below, and warm air to escape above. Pearl single glazed windows are available in an easy-to-assemble, cost-efficient Easy Build kit form, complete with instructions.
pearl single glazed windows

Features and Benefits

  • Nature’s fan – Pearl, like other window styles from Jewel, is based on a two-component mechanism utilising a pair of Kevlar cords and marine-grade stainless steel for the pulleys. Other window providers use multiple hardware components such as hinges, counter weights, friction stays, spirals, springs, winders and rollers. View our Pearl installation video for further information.
  • Simple in design, the Pearl comes in a cost-effective Easy Build kit form for easy assembly, complete with instructions and screws, ready for the handyman or builder. Choosing Pearl in the Easy Build kit brings all of the benefits of nature’s fan, at the price of a similarly sized awning window.
  • The Pearl single glazed window is adaptable to any frame suite. The sill section has clip-in legs that can easily be removed, as required.

Pearl double glazed vertical window

The Pearl double glazed windows are thermally broken for external noise reduction and energy efficiency.

Building upon the existing energy cost-reducing benefits of nature’s fan, the pearl double glazed vertical window is thermally enhanced by the new sash ‘T’ section being provided in rigid PVC. The PVC material acts to reduce the transfer of external heat in summer and maintain warmth in winter.

Features and Benefits

  • Pearl – natural air-conditioning for summer cooling
  • Pearl drives out excess warm air
  • New sash T-section in rigid PVC
  • Ease of operation due to simplicity of mechanism
  • Unique anti-intruder barrier – the ‘T’ section
  • Simplicity in design delivers multiple benefits
  • Easy Build kit
pearl double glazed windows
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